Visionary LAD®

Single Use Laryngeal Airway Device

The vision to combine quality and value

Standard Range
The Marshall Visionary LAD® is a reliable, cost effective alternative to secure and manage the airway. The unique material successfully mimics a silicone laryngeal mask, ensuring ease of insertion and providing excellent feel and patient comfort.

Flexible Range
The Marshall Flexible LAD® has a wire-reinforced flexible airway tube which enables it to be used in situations where a standard LAD® is not suitable, such as procedures where the surgeon and anaesthetist are competing for access to the head and neck.

Visionary® Single Use LAD®

  • A PVC product that successfully mimics the feel of a silicone product
  • Single use sterile product prevents cross infection
  • Fully disposable
  • Matching pilot balloon and cuff identify the LAD® as single use
  • Clearly marked guideline for easy insertion
  • Tube construction allows easy access of suction catheter or flexible fibre optic device
  • Available in a range of clearly marked sizes in both standard and flexible ranges
  • Available in sizes 1-5
  • Available from NHS Supply Chain

Additional Features

  • Reinforced flexible tube prevents occlusion of the airway tube
  • Airway tube may be positioned as required
  • Suitable for use in head and neck procedures


Size Code NPC Code Quantity
1 M6707100 FSM7261 10 Per Box
1.5 M6707150 FSM7262 10 Per Box
2 M6707200 FSM7263 10 Per Box
2.5 M6707250 FSM7264 10 Per Box
3 M6707300 FSM7265 10 Per Box
4 M6707400 FSM7266 10 Per Box
5 M6707500 FSM7267 10 Per Box


Size Code NPC Code Quantity
1 M6707100FLEX FSM7215 20 Per Box
1.5 M6707150FLEX FSM7216 20 Per Box
2 M6707200FLEX FSM7217 20 Per Box
2.5 M6707250FLEX FSM7218 20 Per Box
3 M6707300FLEX FSM7219 10 Per Box
4 M6707400FLEX FSM7220 10 Per Box
5 M6707500FLEX FSM7221 10 Per Box