Personal Face Mask

Convenient Pocket Sized Mask

Convenient pocket sized mask with hard carrying case.

The Marshall Personal Mask is a convenient pocket sized mask with a one-way valve and bacterial/viral filter to prevent infection transmission when performing CPR. Available in two sizes, Adult/Child or Paediatric, the personal masks are stored in a hard carrying case and are single use to prevent cross contamination.

Personal Face Mask

  • One-way valve and bacterial/viral filter prevents infection transmission when performing CPR
  • Oxygen inlet allows delivery of supplementary oxygen in both Adult and Paediatric Masks
  • Soft cushion and anatomical shape provide exceptional patient comfort

Stainless Steel Wall Bracket

  • Designed specifically to conveniently store personal masks and ensure constant availability


Product Size Code NPC Code Quantity
Face Mask in Carry Case Adult/Child M62102025CC FDD7706 1 Per Box
Paediatric M62103025CC FDD4265 1 Per Box
Face Mask with 02 tubing in bag Adult/Child M62102025O2 - 1 Per Box


Product Size Code NPC Code Quantity
Wall Mounting Bracket - M6600001 - 1 Per Box