Visionary® Classic Eco Laryngoscope Sets

Single Use Laryngoscope

Reliable and cost effective laryngoscope solution.

A high quality superior light source in an economical, convenient ready to use package, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Visionary® Classic Eco Laryngoscope Sets

  • Bright, cool LED light gives optimal visualisation
  • Soft plastic grip and lightweight handle gives excellent comfort and feel
  • Low-profile blade reduces the risk of dental trauma
  • Non traumatic tip
  • Supplied as a complete set with blade, handle and batteries - ready to use
  • Removable batteries for easy disposal
  • Clear testing pouch to reduce the risk of cross-infection
  • Available from NHS Supply Chain

SINGLE USE CLASSIC ECO LARYNGOSCOPE SETS (stainless steel blade, plastic handle and batteries)

Laryngoscope Set Size Code NPC Code Quantity
Macintosh Blade with Child Handle Mac 0 M6525CP100ECO FSM3876 10 Per Box
Mac 1 M6525CP101ECO FSM3877 10 Per Box
Macintosh Blade with Adult Handle Mac 2 M6525CP102ECO FSM3878 10 Per Box
Mac 3 M6525CP103ECO FSM3879 10 Per Box
Mac 4 M6525CP104ECO FSM3880 10 Per Box
Macintosh Levering Blade with Adult Handle Mac 3 M6525CP103LECO - 1 Per Box
Mac 4 M6525CP104LECO - 1 Per Box
Miller Blade with Child Handle Miller 00 M6525CP200ECO FSM3881 10 Per Box
Miller 0 M6525CP201ECO FSM3882 10 Per Box
Miller 1 M6525CP202ECO FSM3883 10 Per Box
Miller 2 M6525CP203ECO FSM3884 10 Per Box