Visionary® Fibre Optic Eco Laryngoscope Sets

Single Use Laryngoscope

The quality of a reusable device without the risk of cross-infection

The Visionary® Fibre Optic range is characterised by combining superior quality with exceptional value. This range of laryngoscopes has a high quality fibre optic light source to optimise device placement.

Visionary® Fibre Optic Eco Laryngoscope Sets

  • Fibre optic black sheath ensures light is focused only on the target
  • Bright, cool LED light gives optimal visualisation
  • Soft plastic grip and lightweight handle gives excellent comfort and feel
  • Low-profile blade reduces the risk of dental trauma
  • Non traumatic tip
  • Supplied as a complete set with blade, handle and batteries - ready to use
  • Removable batteries for easy disposal
  • Clear testing pouch to reduce the risk of cross-infection
  • Available from NHS Supply Chain


Laryngoscope Set Size Code NPC Code Quantity
Macintosh Blade with Child Handle Mac 0 M6525CFP100ECO FSM3885 10 Per Box
Mac 1 M6525CFP101ECO FSM3886 10 Per Box
Macintosh Blade with Adult Handle Mac 2 M6525CFP102ECO FSM3887 10 Per Box
Mac 3 M6525CFP103ECO FSM3888 10 Per Box
Mac 4 M6525CFP104ECO FSM3889 10 Per Box
Macintosh Levering Blade with Adult Handle Mac 3 M6525CFP103LECO 1 Per Box
Mac 4 M6525CFP104LECO 1 Per Box
Miller Blade with    Child Handle Miller 00 M6525CFP200ECO FSM3890 10 Per Box
Miller 0 M6525CFP201ECO FSM3891 10 Per Box
Miller 1 M6525CFP202ECO FSM3892 10 Per Box
Miller 2 M6525CFP203ECO FSM3893 10 Per Box