Nasopharyngeal Airway

Single Use Nasopharyngeal Airway

Stays in situ without the need for ribbons or safety pins.

The Marshall Airway Nasopharyngeal (MAN®) has a unique rectangular flange that sits comfortably for the patient and ensures the device cannot be inhaled.

Nasopharyngeal Airway Device

  • One piece design, no parts to assemble
  • Designed with unique and innovative rectangular flange
  • Soft material for ease of insertion
  • Made of clear material to enable blockages to be identified
  • Available in 4 clearly marked sizes
  • Available from NHS Supply Chain


Size Code NPC Code Quantity
6.0 M6300306 FSM7327 10 Per Box
7.0 M6300307 FSM7332 10 Per Box
8.0 M6300308 FSM7333 10 Per Box
9.0 M6300309 FSM7328 10 Per Box