550 Reusable LAD®

Reusable Laryngeal Airway Device

The first and only 50 use LAD®

Made from clinically proven superior grade silicone, the 550 can be used up to 10 times more than any other Laryngeal Airway, making it cost effective and easy to use. Available in both standard and flexible versions, each device is individually numbered for identification and traceability and comes in a range of clearly marked sizes.

Flexible range

The Marshall Flexible LAD® has a wire-reinforced flexible airway tube which enables it to be used in situations where a standard LAD® is not suitable, such as procedures where the surgeon and anaesthetist are competing for access to the head and neck.

550 Reusable LAD®

  • 5 Year shelf life or 50 uses
  • Fully autoclavable at 134°C
  • Matching pilot balloon and cuff identify the LAD® as reusable
  • Cuff inflation volume and patient weight marked on tube
  • Available in sizes 1-5
  • Available from NHS Supply Chain

Additional Features

  • Reinforced flexible tube prevents occlusion of the airway tube
  • Airway tube may be positioned as required
  • Flexible LAD® is suitable for use in head and neck procedures


Size Code NPC Code Quantity
1 M6700100 FSM7313 1 Per Box
1.5 M6700150 FSM7314 1 Per Box
2 M6700200 FSM7315 1 Per Box
2.5 M6700250 FSM7316 1 Per Box
3 M6700300 FSM7317 1 Per Box
4 M6700400 FSM7318 1 Per Box
5 M6700500 FSM7319 1 Per Box


Size Code NPC Code Quantity
1 M6700100FLEX FSM7387 1 Per Box
1.5 M6700150FLEX FSM7388 1 Per Box
2 M6700200FLEX FSM7389 1 Per Box
2.5 M6700250FLEX FSM7390 1 Per Box
3 M6700300FLEX FSM7310 1 Per Box
4 M6700400FLEX FSM7311 1 Per Box
5 M6700500FLEX FSM7312 1 Per Box