Oxygen Enrichment Device

The OED Intended as a post-operative, recovery room breathing attachment for use once a patient is disconnected from an anaesthetic circuit.

The product consists of a reservoir bag with a 300ml capacity, attached to a 15mm ID connector, which attaches to the connector of either laryngeal mask (LM) or endotracheal tube (ETT).

There is a 3mm connector to attach the Oxygen tubing and 10mm exhalation port which is open to the atmosphere. The device is attached to the ETT with an oxygen supply of 3 to 6 litres per minute. As the patient breathes in, oxygen is both available from the oxygen supply and the reservoir bag. On exhalation the expired gas is vented from the exhalation port. Any surplus oxygen fills the reservoir bag.


  • Reliable Fi02 concentrations of 50% at 3L/min and 70% at 6L/min
  • Holds 300ml of oxygen in its reservoir
  • No significant rebreathing
  • Visual indication of respiration
  • Lightweight


Product Size Code NPC Code Quantity
M0²ED - M6760100 FDF2262 100 Per Box