Emergency Bag

Essential For Any Emergency

Everything you need for a rapid response.

The Marshall Airway Products Emergency Bag contains all of the equipment necessary to provide emergency care. The bag is designed to be portable allowing it to be taken to the scene of an emergency. The internal storage pockets and elastic loops conveniently store a wide range of emergency equipment whilst the transparent pouches ensure visibility of equipment. You can customise the contents of the bag on request.

Emergency Bag Contents

  • Adult Manual Resuscitator - Designed to meet all ERC tidal volume guidelines, with its textured grip and 360° swivel – it’s versatile and easy to use, even when wet. Preassembled and with a single wall construction providing optimal sensitivity.
  • Child Manual Resuscitator - The child version of the Manual Resuscitator (described above). The manual resuscitator has a 40cm H2O pressure release valve to prevent the risk of over inflating the patient’s lungs.
  • Personal Mask - Convenient pocket sized mask with a one-way valve and bacterial/viral filter to prevent infection transmission when performing CPR. The Personal Mask has a soft cushion and is an anatomical shape to provide exceptional patient comfort whilst its transparent material allows a clear view of the patient during CPR.
  • Rescuer Manual Vacuum Pump - A light, high vacuum, portable device which can be operated with one hand.
  • Adult Non-Rebreathing Mask - Features a valve ensuring that oxygen can be given with control and accuracy.
  • Paediatric Non-Rebreathing Mask
  • Spare Oxygen Tubing - 3m
  • 6x Guedel Airways - Designed to maintain an unconscious patient’s airway in an emergency environment. Each size is colour coded for ease of use.
  • Large Shears - Single use paramedic shears for cutting clothing and general use

Key Features

  • The bag is hard-wearing and waterproof
  • Content can be customised to suit requirements


Product Size Code Quantity
Carry Bag with straps for oxygen cylinder One Size M6400440 1


Product Size Code Quantity
Carry Bag with straps for oxygen cylinder One Size M6400400 1
Carry Bag without straps for oxygen cylinder One Size M6400410 1