Marshall Video Laryngoscope

Laryngoscope Visual Guidance Device

Rechargeable Video Laryngoscope®

The Marshall Video Laryngoscope (MVL) provides both direct and video visualisation along a clear line of sight in a compact, cable free, hand-held device. Patient safety is increased when you can see where the laryngoscope is, giving you a clearer tube path using standard techniques. Ensures every patient intubation is clearly seen.

Marshall Video Laryngoscope®

  • 3.5" Full LCD Display, with 640 x 480 (RGB) Resolution
  • Universal Ball Joint for optimum display angle during procedure
  • Camera Blade – Resolution ratio of 2.0M Pixels and 800LUX of illumination
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Full anti-fog function, upon powering up without preheating
  • Battery – Supplied with rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Internal 4GB memory to allow Photo Capture (JPG file) or Video Capture (MP4) Both formats will show date and time status
  • HDMI connection for main monitor training
  • Available from NHS Supply Chain


Product Size Code NPC Code Quantity
Video Laryngoscope One size M6625000 FSM1992 1 Per Box
Replacement cable/lead One size M6625501 TBC 10 Per Box


Blade Type Size Code NPC Code Quantity
Macintosh Mac 3 M6625103 FSM1972 10 Per Box
Mac 4 M6625104 FSM1973 10 Per Box