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Vented Tracheal Tube Introducer

Vented Introducer

The introducer consists of a introducer and a single 15mm connector.

The introducer has a through lumen design with two distal sideports to allow adequate airflow.
The introducer has centimetre markings, which start at 10cm from the distal end, to accurately judge introducer depth within the trachea. The blunt introducer tip is atraumatic.

Sideports Allow Oxygen Delivery15mm Connector

Key Features

Vented Introducer
  • Atraumatic smooth, rounded coudé tip
  • Memory retention allows shaping to individual preferences and needs
  • Radiopaque to confirm proper placement
  • Disposable
  • Minimise risk of contamination
  • Single-use design eliminates usage tracking


  • Cost effective
  • Eliminates cost of cleaning and reprocessing
  • Sideports allow oxygen delivery
  • Packaged in convenient and economic boxes of 10
  • Each one contains a 15mm connector
  • Available from NHS supply chain

Vented Introducer





NPC Code


Vented Bougie

14ch x 750mm



10 per box

Sideports to allow oxygen delivery  
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