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AED Response Pack

Wall-mountable emergency pack.

The Marshall AED Response Pack contains all the essential items required when in emergency situations. This comprehensive kit comes in a wipe clean wallet and includes alcohol free wipes, face mask, gloves, shears, razor and an incineration bag. There is plenty of room to add your own favourite items if needed.

The bags comes with a velcro strip which allows the bag to be attached to the wall ready for use in an emergency situation.

AED Response Pack

roll overRazor

roll overIncineration Wallet

roll overSingle Use Large Shears

roll overPersonal Face Mask


AED Response Pack Contains:

  • Face Mask - Convenient pocket sized mask with a one-way valve and bacterial/viral filter to prevent infection transmission when performing CPR. The personal mask has a soft cushion and is an anatomical shape to provide exceptional patient comfort whilst its transparent material allows a clear view of the patient during CPR.
  • Gloves - Single use, latex free and disposable to prevent cross infection.
  • Shears - Single use paramedic shears for cutting clothing and general use.
  • Alcohol Free Wipes - Each sachet contains a cleansing wipe soaked in a solution which has antiseptic and detergent qualities. The wipes clear dirt and blood from the skin. This kills bacteria and prevents wound infection. It also prepares the skin so a dressing will stick better.
  • Wallet - Clearly identifiable and provides a neat and tidy storage for the first aid kit.
  • Incineration Wallet - For sanitary disposal of contaminated first aid equipment.
  • Razor - For hair removal.

Key Features

  • Wallet can be mounted to the wall so that it is clearly visible and ready for use in an emergency situation.
  • Comprehensive kit contains everything you need in an emergency situation.
  • Plenty of room inside the wallet allows the kits to be tailored to your individual needs and requirements.
  • All items contained in the wallet are single use to prevent cross infection.
  • Contains an incineration wallet for sanitary disposal of contaminated equipment after an emergency situation.

AED Response Pack

PACK (including single use mask, shears, gloves, razor, 2x moist tissues and disposal bag)





AED Response Pack

One Size


1 each

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